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Rollaway Accessories

Rollaway Cover:

Poly cotton dust cover for our rollaways, comes in all bed widths: 30", 39", and 48".*

COV30: 30"
COV39: 39"
COV48: 48"

Free shipping with all covers.


*Our dust covers are not compliant to federal CPSC fire-resistant regulations (16cfr, part 1633) and have no warranty.

Mattress Accessories

Bunk Boards:

Used to replace box spring and lower bed. Approximately 1' 6" thick (as opposed to comparable 7" boards). Fits directly to frame.

Please note that the prices shown are for local orders only - we only ship (USPS) roll away covers or frame glides.
If you need delivery of any other product, please call or e-mail for individual pricing.

Additional Glides:

Regular GLI-1 glides are the height of our standard casters. Low-profile GLI-2 glides are 1" lower than standard.

Additional Rollers:

These are universal roller replacements for standard hotel mattress frames. Rollers have plated steel frames.